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Cain Narrowboats pride themselves on their impeccable customer service not only throughout the boat building process but also on on going after care.

Read for yourself direct quotes from previous customers correspondence:
"We can't tell you how much we appreciate everything you are doing for us and how hard you are working on the boat. To say we are getting excited is the understatement of the year."

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"The pictures are absolutely amazing. The roof looks brilliant and the dinette floor is stunning. The trim is knitting everything together inside the boat. We cannot praise you highly enough and we know we have said that before but we really mean it so thank you."
"We had a fabby day today, the boat is wonderful!!!! When we remember how stressed we were when we were having our previous boat built, it seems a lifetime away. The experience was so scary that we really didn't think we would ever do it again, but you have made the experience totally enjoyable and exciting - thank you so much."
"Every time we come away from seeing you we are amazed at how much you achieve and how positive you are.
You always take time to have a laugh and chat with us and you have informed and guided us at every step"
I just have to tell you how happy we are..... The lights are on low, we have just had supper, we are chilling out with a glass of red, Doobie [the dog] is snoring away (on our bed) and we are soooooooo chilled and contented. You have been amazing and made the whole process so very easy."
"We popped down to the boat last saturday for a quick look. She's looking reat and more homely with each week that goes by. We're well pleased with the progress, thank you."
"Thank you for prompt attention, the reason we both went for this is that we were both impressed by you and your openness and honesty, quite rare
from any male builders that we have spoken to!
"Very impressed with the work you've done so far, can't wait for the next visit"
"Had a great visit to the boat thanks ....had the family there as well and they were all very impressed. Can't believe the progress you've made're a clever bunny"
"Thank you so so much, you have made this whole process stress free and enjoyable."
"I would just like to say how much we like the way you work and your honesty ."
"We still love the boat every bit as much as we did when you handed her over. We still can't thank you enough for the work you did for us."
"Thank you for all you have done for us and given us, its much more than we could have ever dreamed of."
"After becoming fortunate enough to be able to upgrade to a new boat I found Cain Narrowboats tucked in the corner at Blue Water Marina. I was so impressed with Lainy and Lisa's knowledge and can do attitude that I booked a slot - One of my better decisions. I prepared for month of stress that just never happened; the whole process was so simple and friendly that I believe I have found new friends rather than boat builders. Lainy helped develop my ideas and gave good advice on matters I had not considered. All my friends at the boat club were impressed with the quality of the workmanship on the fitout, with no negative comments. All I can say is if I win the lottery, I will have a new boat, probably a widebeam, one thing is for sure it will be a Cain Narrowboat" - K Anderson - 'Catspaw'
We would like to express our gratitude to Towpath Talk Editor, Janet Richardson for writing this article.

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""Just a quick few lines to keep in touch, we have settled really well into life afloat and so far it is exceeding all expectations."
""Thank you for making the boat Special for both of us."
""Absolutly over the moon, thank you for everything."
""Thanks again, it's been a great journey in the making and great memories too."
""Lainy the boat is great, we are both loving it. Thanks so much."
"We would like to thank you for our beautiful boat. We absolutlely love her and take her out at every oppertunity. We have never before known anyone as easy to work with and as positive as you. Your "can-do" attitude and excellent advice made the process of designing the boat a real pleasure and watching her come together was so exciting we almost miss it. Thank you for everything"
"We would recommend Cain Narrowboats to anyone thinking of having a new narrowboat. It has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiances of our lives."
"We have had such lovely comments when we are out on our boat, including how beautiful she is, how smoothly she cuts through the water and how well she handles."
"We are both very excited about the boat and absolutely confident in the impressive work you and Lisa do. You have been extreamly kind and accomodating with us and we just want you to know how greatful we are for all the help you are giving us in realising our dream"
"Everyone should live on a canal boat, it's just wonderful."
"Our sincere thanks for all the time you so willingly spent with us over the weekend. We appreciate your honest comments based on your wealth of experaince and your unbiased comments, you are a real joy to work with. Yes, I know you are running a business but the pride you take in your work and the honest enthusiasm for what you produce is to be admired."

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